Mexican restaurant The Hague

Looking for a Mexican restaurant in The Hague?  We offer authentic Mexican food in the center of The Hague. Our kitchen uses ten different types of Mexican corn, to be enjoyed in quesadillas, tetelas, sopas, totopos, pasteles and tacos.

Tortillas made with the best Mexican corns

We are the only Mexican restaurant in The Hague that imports its corn directly from small-scale farmers in Southern Mexico. Next to that we also import our own chiles, beans, cocoa and herbs. But most of all, we make salsas, tortillas, longaniza, aguas frescas and more on site, under the guidance of our Mexican chef. So everything is day fresh, handmade and pure.

Mexican Restaurant The Hague

Tacos for dinner and a Oaxacan lunch

At night we create our tacos Mexico City style on our taco car. Furthermore, Fridays nights we serve tacos Al Pastor from the grill. Most noteworthy is our comal de barro at the entrance of our atmospheric restaurant. These huge earthenware baking dishes are also used by our farmers. And as a result we can create tortillas, quesadillas and tetelas with the most authentic Oaxacan taste. This is truly unique in Europe.

Feel welcome to walk in our cozy Mexican restaurant in the city center of The Hague. We offer lunch, dinner and real Mexican cocktails. Make an online reservation here. ¡Hasta pronto!